Ideation & Innovation

Ideation in business is the process of developing new ideas to address real-world applications. When a company is focused on innovation it is imperative that it harness the power of new ideas and breakthroughs.

The process begins with defining the problem. Often times current solutions may exist that have advantages and disadvantages. I2P uses the following tools to help identify current state of the market for a given product and/or service as a springboard for new ideas:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Sigmoid Curve Evaluation
  • Technology Readiness Evaluation

Product Development

Determining the optimal products to be developing on a pace that matches market and corporate requirements can bring an endless amount of challenges and barriers preventing cost effective and timely product launches. I2P has a history of overcoming obstacles to increase efficiency with the product development process. Our goal is to put that experience to work for you to increase the volume of products released, on a timely basis that meet the market need.

  • Concept Development
  • Characterization and Testing
  • Validation
  • Market Research
  • Product Launch

Managing for Scale

Preparing your business to be able to scale and grow operations for increased productivity and higher sales volumes that is sustainable requires a focus on both internal and external processes. I2P leverages a wide supply chain network, manufacturing solutions, and access to influential key contacts. Some tactical items include the following:

  • Work Cell Development
  • Operations & Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management