i2P, LLC to Request Alpena Township Special Land Use Permit

Alpena, MI September 21, 2020

In 2019, the former Kmart building (2355 US 23 South) was purchased, with i2P becoming the anchor tenant, to create a space to formalize Innovation Networks that would grow ideas into successful commercialized products. (see press release dated July 22, 2019)

Since acquiring the building, two tenants have experienced significant and rapid growth, leaving little room for new tenants. To address the need for additional space, i2P, LLC, began to seek additional space to support expansion opportunities. Toward that end, a purchase agreement has been signed for the property at 2380 US 23 South in Alpena, which is currently the location of the Alpena Mall. i2P, as the proposed anchor tenant, will be requesting a Special Land Use Permit from Alpena Township so that portions of the facility may be used for warehousing, light/clean industrial, and commercial office purposes, while allowing the balance of the mall to continue to house the current tenants of the space. The purchase agreement is contingent on this permit being granted.

Success in receipt of the Special Land Use Permit will provide additional space for growth of the current tenants of the former Kmart building and new tenants who want to commercialize their ideas. This growth would lead to an increase in the intellectual property being successfully converted into commercial products, bringing additional dollars into Northeast Michigan and expanding career opportunities. The goal for the building is full occupancy with a mix of tenants as stated previously, with a preference toward early stage companies focused on creating Industry 4.0, the next Industrial Revolution.

As the community has witnessed the steady increase of vehicles outside of the 2355 facility, feedback has become increasingly positive and supportive of i2P’s work toward economic growth for the region. That support is paramount to current and future growth. Minimal changes are anticipated for the exterior of the Alpena Mall facility, should i2P be granted the Special Land Use Permit from Alpena Township. Efforts and plans are ongoing to improve the exterior of the former Kmart facility after being delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

i2P and its tenants are honored to be part of this community. The area’s dedicated workforce and appetite for growth continues to increase the quality of life for all stakeholders in Northeast Michigan.

Questions may be directed to Jackie Krawczak, i2P Corporate Representative, 989.358.6175.